Cooper’s Ridge




We feel that Cooper’s Ridge has its own soul, it’s own energy. It may sound silly, but whether the venue is full of guests or if you are completely alone on the property, you get a positive vibe from the place. Our goal was to bring out the best in the property and create a place for people to enjoy life. We studied what we had available and every decision from that point forward has been based on creating a positive experience for our guests.

Building a team of kind and caring people who share our same values of strong customer service and creating an experience like no other is what makes Cooper’s Ridge an island in a sea of others like us.

Sean McCollegan


I’m Sean McCollegan and Cooper’s Ridge was born from my experience at similar venues and my background in construction and renovations. My primary role at Cooper’s Ridge is projects, maintenance and business ops. I enjoy being a part of the team because we have a great collaboration culture that puts the clients and guests first. There is a considerable amount of planning and execution that happens behind the scenes of a wedding or event before the guests arrive. For me, it’s highly rewarding when we put a plan in motion and get to see the result of a successful event complete with smiles, sometimes tears of joy, and thank you’s from guests.

I have been fortunate enough to witness a fair amount of the weddings and private events at Cooper’s Ridge. One of my favorite memories is from a wedding couple that had all of the elements together for a great wedding including a 12 piece band. I’m a huge fan and student of music, and the musicians that played for the crowd that night blew me and the guests away with their talent.

Brandi Huebner


One word describes my feelings towards Cooper’s Ridge - Gratitude. Having a career history in business management and administration, I have likely worked in every industry you can imagine. But to not bore you with all the details or reveal my mature age, within the past 10 years I have worked as a licensed aesthetician, owned a local health food store and now manage an Event Venue. Major changes I know! All the while, I have also been working my most important and cherished position as a wife to my husband Jeff and a mother to our three children, Joli, Danielle and Tyson.

So why gratitude, you ask? Because I have never felt so “this is where I belong” in business in all of my years. It is a joyful gift to work with newly engaged couples and see their dream day come to fruition. It is a pleasure to work alongside corporations who graciously provide time and space for their employees to grow within their careers, as a team, and as individuals. I have learned much from every step of my journey and each path I have encountered has led me here, where I belong. For that I am grateful.

Some days it’s my job to give a tour of the venue, some days I am fluffing a wedding gown just before the walk down the aisle, many days I am pulling weeds or moving tables and chairs. All of these things are crucial to the success of an event and that is my goal and my purpose at Cooper’s Ridge. It is a true honor to be able to serve others while doing what I love!

 Kristen Russell

General Manager

Hi there! I'm Kristen Russell. I was born and raised in Columbia, MO, just 15 minutes east of Cooper’s Ridge. I handle all of the communication with our clients and help them with any questions they have along the way. I’m also typically the gal snapping pics behind the phone at our events to keep our social media pages updated and provide a “behind the scenes” look at our day-to-day operations.

I joined the team in July 2020 after touring the venue with a client searching for a wedding venue. I experienced a tour unlike any I had experienced at any other wedding venue and knew immediately that the team at Cooper’s Ridge had set themselves apart. It was clear to me then that Cooper’s Ridge was more than just a venue: Cooper’s Ridge is an experience. Now a part of the team, I know why my first experience at Cooper’s Ridge has stuck with me. Every decision we make at Cooper's Ridge is based on making a positive experience for our guests, and it’s so great to be a part of a team that puts guest experience first.

I live in Columbia with my husband Derik and our sweet dog Jetson.


Jocelyn Galardo

Bar Manager

I am from Webb City, MO (a small town only football lovers know) and came to Columbia for college. I graduated from Mizzou with my Bachelor’s in Health Science emphasis in Health and Wellness in May 2021. I plan to further my education and one day have “RN” next to my name.

My hobbies include running (for fun, yes) interior design, and bartending, of course! I started at Cooper’s Ridge in summer of 2020 and it only took a few shifts before it became my favorite job. The staff, guests, and vendors are the most wonderful people and are a HUGE reason I, myself, chose this venue for my wedding. YES! I got married here at Cooper’s Ridge in September of 2021!

I’m thankful to be a part of this team, but more importantly thankful I will have this beautiful place as part of my life forever! Although this has been a “college gig” for me, I will always have Cooper’s in my heart with memories from my special day. Cheers!

Jessie Coggins


Hi! I'm Jessie Coggins. I moved to Boonville in 2019 and I simply love it here! This community is so friendly and welcoming. When I am not working, my world revolves around my four kids...from preschool activities to Columbia College Lacrosse games. The best experience I can bring to Cooper's Ridge comes from all of the places I have resided: New Hampshire, Indiana, Georgia, Colorado, and California. I can relate to all types of people which is why I love my job here. It gives me the opportunity to mingle with many different backgrounds. I am so blessed to be a part of such a great team at this beautiful venue!