A couple usually chooses to have a destination wedding because the location holds a special place in their hearts. It isn’t always an option to travel long distances for the wedding ceremony and reception, though. Want the best of both worlds? Here are some ways to create a destination wedding feel without having to travel far from home. 

Find a Venue That Is Private and Secluded

Finding a private and secluded wedding venue is a great way to create the feel of a destination wedding. Being away from the city can really enhance your wedding day experience by allowing you to have more opportunities for a ceremony location and for you to get amazing wedding photographs. Beautiful scenery as a backdrop to your wedding will only add to the experience and magic of the wedding and reception for yourself as well as your guests. 

Choose A Location Close To Your Heart

Many times as a couple, you have places that hold a special space in your heart. Maybe it was where your first kiss happened, where you got engaged, or your hometown. All of these places will make your big day feel extra special and allow your family and friends to attend without having to take a long trip. 

Choose A Venue Close To Lodging

Choosing a venue with lodging nearby is a great way to create a home away from home experience for you and your guests. Often, venues do not provide lodging on location, so it is important for you to consider having accommodations in place or booked for any guests who may want to stay close to the wedding and wedding reception location. When researching lodging near your wedding venue, be conscious of ratings and affordability. 

Book A Venue With Ceremony And Reception Space

Having a location with both ceremony and reception space can create the illusion of a destination wedding. Not having to travel between two locations allows you and your guests to enjoy the day without having to consider transportation to and from the different venues. By having the ceremony and reception at one location, you can have a more concise vision for decor and catering. Try looking for locations that provide indoor and outdoor space. Having both will allow for any changes in weather conditions. 

Stay Close To Home So Guests Can Join You

When choosing to have a destination wedding, it is important to consider the guests you want in attendance. Traveling is a big commitment, and that can cause stress during the planning process. By creating a destination wedding feel without leaving home, more friends and family can join the celebration. It is a good idea to look for venues that have lodging nearby for any guests who may be traveling or who want to continue with the theme of a destination wedding while still close to home. 

Your Close to Home Destination Wedding At Cooper’s Ridge

Located outside of historic Boonville, MO, Cooper’s Ridge has 38 acres of lush green land where lakes and mature trees become the perfect backdrop for your wedding escape. With 6,200 square feet of indoor space, we are sure to accommodate any need. Cooper’s Ridge is nestled just across from Warm Springs Ranch Estate, where you can take tours of the world-famous Budweiser Clydesdale farm, a unique and unforgettable experience. Here at Cooper’s Ridge, we always say, ‘If you can dream it up, we can make it happen!’ Create a destination wedding feel here at Cooper’s Ridge. Schedule a tour today