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Corporate Events at Cooper’s Ridge

Let your employees relax, have fun, and do some team bonding! Corporate events are a great way to motivate your employees and build relationships outside of the workplace. The environment of a corporate event can allow your guests to spend time relaxing while also networking. Creating an informal setting for your colleagues and employees to interact and meet others from your industry can help you grow your business. Cooper’s Ridge has the perfect venue for your next corporate event.

Throw a Memorable Corporate Event

Throwing a corporate event doesn’t have to be a lask-luster event in a boardroom or a boring sitdown seminar. Corporate events can become a corporate party by simply choosing a fun venue to host the event. Cooper’s Ridge has catering options, event coordinators, and so much more to make hosting a corporate event stress-free for you and memorable for your guests.

group of employees socializing at a corporate party
Outdoor space at Cooper's Ridge event venue

Corporate Holiday Events

Hosting corporate events during the holidays is a great way to bring the whole company together. When there are different departments in your company and busy work schedules, team members don't get the opportunity to interact with each other very often. Throwing a corporate holiday event is a fun way to bring everyone together in a more informal setting while creating an opportunity for valuable team building and socialization.

Company Retreats

Company retreats are a way to get the whole company out of the workplace and not solely focus on work. When planning a work retreat, whether for the day or the weekend, choose a location that can accommodate all of the needs and space you may need. Planning fun team-building activities are a great way to increase performance, productivity, and show your team you care

Company Parties

A company party is a reason to gather the entire company, whether it's simply for fun or a special occasion. You all work hard. Hosting a corporate party for your employees will allow them to relax and enjoy themselves without focusing on work. Choose a venue that will help you plan, set up, cater, and clean up to make hosting a corporate party less stressful so you can maximize the benefit to your employees. 

Corporate Seminars and Summits

Business seminars and summits are events that focus on company productivity and educating on new or existing products, services or policies. Seminars are held for the entirety of the company, while summits are usually reserved for top executives. Hosting seminars and summits to educate team members can be informative and fun when hosted at a venue with a comfortable space that can accommodate your guests and any needs they may have. 

Cooper's Ridge Event Venue logo on reception hall entrance door

Host Your Next Corporate Event at Cooper’s Ridge

Whether you are planning a corporate party, team-building activities, conference, or any other type of corporate event Cooper's Ridge can provide the perfect venue. We offer individual or multi-day reservations and help you design the perfect event for your guests. Enjoy yourself and let us handle the event's table and chair set-up and breakdown. 

Be sure to use our list of Preferred Vendors when planning your next event.

  • Private Parking
  • Handicap-Accessible Restrooms
  • WiFi
  • Large Covered Patio
  • Climate Controlled Indoor Area with Open Floor Plan 
  • Room For Up To 225 Guests or more, depending on event structure
  • Full Bar On-Site
  • 38 Acres of Picturesque Land

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