So, you’re getting married. How exciting! You have your perfect day pictured in your mind, and it’s been there for a long time, right? This picture places you front and center as the main character in your fairy tale wedding, the heroine who creates a memory that will live beyond the photos, the cake and your bouquet. I guess we all know that the success of any event lies in the details. And it’s always the details that we forget to ask about that lurk in the background waiting to sabotage your perfect day.

  1. The first decision you will need to address is the limits of your budget.
    One of your major costs to consider is the wedding venue. And what kind of venue fulfills your dream? How many people do you plan to invite? Do you want to get married in a church and then host your reception at a wedding venue? Or would you rather host both your wedding and reception at the same venue? Once you’ve decided that you will need to find the space or spaces that meet your needs.
  2. Another option to consider is how much time do you want to rent your space for?
    Does the venue you’ve chosen provide a variety of options for rental time? Many offer several choices, from a one-day to a three-day event.
  3. Where do the hidden fees lie?
    When looking at a venue first consider asking what add-ons they can provide. If items like tables and chairs are an add on then you have some homework to do. Some venues provide as much as possible in one price to create an easy and transparent decision for the bride and groom.
  4. What special touches do you want?
    Also, consider what special touches you envision to highlight your day that the venue won’t be involved in such as fireworks or live music.

  5. Is this day going to be for us or for our guests?
    There is no correct answer, but it will help you decide on difficult decisions that will affect your budget.