If the option of having a bridal suite on site at your venue is something that you haven’t considered here are some thoughts that you might contemplate.

Time is the most valuable resource you’ll have on the big day and you can’t afford to squander it.  If your venue has a bridal suite equipped with hair and makeup, changing rooms, bed room for you and your new hubby, full bathroom and kitchen you will find it much easier to plan and coordinate your day.  Having a suite or bridal space cuts out the need commute to different places. Creating an environment that allows a one stop for the day and having additional time to reflect, pray or read old love notes is an exceptional way to commemorate your day.  Driving from place to place throughout your day is going to be a huge drain on your time and energy, but having a bridal suite is an excellent way to lower stress and help create the experience that you deserve.  

Before the ceremony, a suite can allow you and your fiance to strategically avoid one another and get the photography shots that you and your photographer will appreciate.   A bridal suite can also provide a sanctuary as guests start to arrive and allow you and your bridesmaids to gain composure before the march down the aisle. One more tip, don’t forget to ask your bridesmaids to dry their hair before they arrive...This will save a ton of time!