Whether you are celebrating a holiday, looking to create a networking opportunity to build brand awareness, or simply want to celebrate your team, throwing a corporate party is a fun way to build community among team members and show them that you appreciate their hard work and dedication. Events can help boost company morale, validate your employees, and promote creativity. So what does it take to throw a successful and memorable corporate event?

Determine an Event Objective

This should be one of the first questions you ask yourself when planning your party or event. Is it going to be an event just for your team, or will outside parties be invited? The answer to this question will largely affect the next steps you take in the planning process. In an event that is for your team, you will also want to decide if it is meant to reward, motivate, set new goals, or communicate business strategy. For events that include potential clients, investors, or other potential big players, the structure of the event may look very different. 

Should I Hire an Event Planner?

Some companies have a dedicated staff that plans all events and others may need to hire an event planner. Hiring an event planner is great if you have the budget, but there isn’t always room for that. Depending on the scale of the event you wish to have, planning it yourself can be just as successful if you take the necessary steps and have a thorough plan in place. 

Event Budget

Budget is generally the biggest concern when planning an event. Try not to overestimate how much you can spend to avoid getting in over your head. Underestimating how much you can spend will help you stay within a reasonable budget because it is too easy to go over budget. Throughout the planning process, continue to check-in and make sure you are staying on track. 

Fine Tune Your Objective and Guest List

The focal point of an event should always be its attendees. Who are your guests, and what are their expectations? These expectations may look very different depending on who will be attending, so consider your guest list while planning this phase. Make a list of what you think your guests will want so you can create a plan on how to make it happen! 

Find an Event Venue

Choosing a venue that your guests will enjoy and appreciate is so important to the experience they have! It is beneficial to have time away from the day-to-day environment that the team is accustomed to. Creating a positive experience with the whole team in an unfamiliar environment can foster a sense of rejuvenation, excitement, and team bonding. Hosting your corporate event at a drab conference center might not create the vibe you’re hoping for and make guests feel like you didn’t put as much effort into creating an experience for them. You want your guests to feel comfortable and taken care of. 

Finding a venue that offers additional amenities like a bar or catering can really set your event apart from the rest and make things a little easier during the planning process. It is also a bonus if the event space has enough room for a DJ or live band or even has an outdoor area so guests can get some fresh air without feeling like they’ve left the party. 

Plan the Entertainment

There are so many options for entertainment at your corporate party! Most often, the first entertainment people think of when planning an event is live music or a DJ. This is an excellent way to entertain your guests while adding to the ambiance. If you’d like to step it up and get a little more creative, consider hiring other entertainers like a magician, a dance group, or a visual artist. 

Corporate Event Venue in Mid-Missouri

Cooper’s Ridge Event Venue has the perfect event space for your upcoming company party, corporate meeting, or day of team building! Located on 38 acres of lush, green land with 6,200 square feet of indoor space, we can accommodate almost any need you have for your next event! Contact us for details or to schedule a tour!