Planning an event, whether big or small, is never an easy task. Sometimes when it comes down to the little details, some things are easy to overlook and can make for a stressful day. Some people might find it helpful to hire an event coordinator for that very reason, but with careful planning, you can have a successful corporate event. When it comes to planning a corporate event on your own, it is essential to start planning early, and this corporate event planning guide can help you make sure that your event reaches its maximum success!

Define Goals and Objectives

First thing’s first, there must be a reason you are planning an event! It's important to have a clear understanding of your objectives. Whether it be for team building, a company party, or a networking opportunity, it is always a good idea to have an objective set before you get too far into the planning process. 

Some examples of event goals might be:

  • Increase in attendance
  • Increase in social media Follows/ Likes  
  • New contacts
  • Monetary goals

Setting A Budget

When planning any event, it is crucial to set a budget early in the process. This helps ensure you will not run into any issues down the road or overspend when making purchases. When establishing your budget, map out each set of expenses. For example, having a total cost and the amount designated for food, decor, and entertainment allows for fewer surprises and the chances of running over budget before all purchases are made. 

Creating Your Guest List

The type of event you are planning will determine who makes the guest list. Determining who will be your target audience is a great place to start. Is the event for executives, clients, community members, or a combination of both? Having a targeted audience provides you with the ability to cater to that specific group. Another thing to keep in mind when creating your guest list is the budget. The budget may be a determining factor on who makes the cut based on how much space, food, and drinks you will need to accommodate each guest. You will want to lock down the number of guests before deciding on the location or the caterer. 

Picking A Location and Date

After you have your budget and guest list set, it is time to pick a venue! Having a specific day in mind for your event can sometimes be tricky when selecting a location. Venues can often be booked out for months ahead of time, so make sure when touring sites that the date and time you want is available, or plan to be flexible on your date.

Whether you are working with a large budget and many guests or have a smaller budget for a more intimate event, picking the right space is one way to really drive home a theme or any specific accommodations you may need for your guests. Maybe it is an indoor space you need with dinner settings and staff, or you might need outdoor space for team building activities and picnic space. Picking the venue before the caterer is also vital because some venues require specific caterers or they might have vendors they can recommend.

Catering and Selecting A Menu

When planning your corporate event, one of the most important pieces is food!  We all love to eat and a good caterer will keep your guests happy. You should work closely with the caterer to choose a menu that will best suit your event, taking into consideration things like the style of the event or what time it is taking place. Whether it's a more formal, sit-down dinner or you just want to provide hors d’oeuvres, having a plan in place can allow you to sit back and enjoy yourself with your guests. Selecting a great caterer will ensure that your guests are comfortable and will want to stay longer. 

Ready to Plan Your Next Corporate Event?

With these helpful corporate event planning guide tips and choosing to host your event at Cooper’s Ridge, it is sure to be stress-free and everything you imagined it could be! Cooper’s Ridge Event Venue has the perfect event space for your upcoming company party, corporate meeting, or day of team building! Located on 38 acres of lush, green land with 6,200 square feet of indoor space, we can accommodate almost any need you have for your next event! Contact us for details or to schedule a tour!