As a wedding date approaches, there are several considerations for soon-to-be brides and grooms to make, and one of the first and most critical is choosing between wedding venues. The setting and atmosphere of a wedding ceremony and reception play a significant role in shaping the big day. If you want an outdoor wedding location with magnificent aesthetics and a view of the countryside, wedding venues in Missouri outside the city limits may be ideal for you!

The Perfect Location

There is no ignoring that location is one of the primary perks of wedding venues in Missouri. Countryside weddings give the luxury of feeling private, with most venues offering expansive grounds. Couples are provided a unique experience in which they are not obligated to share their location or hurry through their festivities. In contrast to their city counterparts, wedding venues outside city limits often limit events to one per day.

Wedding venues in Missouri, outside of city limits, cleverly combine outdoor and indoor event spaces, enabling couples to enjoy the advantages of both easily. Frequently situated on acres of land, in wine valleys, or as rustic retreats, these venues make the most of their surroundings by hosting outdoor ceremonies, beautiful garden parties, and starlit receptions with the freedom to customize the venue to the couple's specifications and the luxury of having enough space for guests and activities. 


While it may not seem like a significant factor when selecting a venue, not having to arrange inner-city parking, pricey metered parking, or juggle public transportation prior to attending your wedding may be a significant improvement to your guest experience. Being out of the city limits alleviates traffic concerns, and countryside wedding venues often provide abundant (free) parking and the option to leave cars overnight at the venue and retrieve them the following day.

Photo Opportunities

If you are searching for wedding venues in Missouri with breathtaking views and unforgettable backdrops for your wedding photos and videos, then a wedding outside of city limits is for you! Couples can resolve the most perplexing dilemma of any wedding day by hosting both the ceremony and reception at the same site which will enable you to get photographs of all your guests in one place. A wedding outside of the city limits has unlimited options to create a unique and diversified wedding day album.

A wedding outside of the city limits also provides you with the opportunity to capture beautiful drone video footage to round out your wedding video. 

Couples may use the time they would have spent traveling between the ceremony, picture sites, and reception to enjoy and participate in the day they spent months, if not years, organizing.

Extended Events

Wedding venues in Missouri outside of the city limits provide the ideal setting for couples and guests to spend the days before and after the ceremony together. Couples and guests like the option to make a weekend of it and tour the area when rural wedding venues promote themselves as destination venues.

Wedding weekends provide couples the chance to spend a longer time mingling and socializing with friends and family, laughing, catching up, and introducing guests to each other, an opportunity they would not have had if restricted to the day of celebration alone.

Wedding venues outside of the city limits often provide area highlight itineraries, restaurant suggestions and place a premium on delivering outstanding accommodations for couples and guests. Having a countryside wedding allows you to re-imagine what your wedding day could look like by spreading the celebration over multiple days.

Activities and Entertainment

Why be confined to a single area when you may pick from a variety of ceremony and reception locations? Country wedding venues excel at providing couples with a variety of unique possibilities. Outdoor ceremonies might take place under towering feature trees, overlooking rolling hills, behind wisteria-covered arbors, or amid groomed fields. Couples are increasingly seeking to have their ceremony focused on the landscape, and wedding venues outside the city limits enable them to do so. Country wedding locations' stunning landscapes and natural beauty negate the need for expensive styling, flower preparations. Additionally, several ceremony venues equate to the ability to give excellent wet weather options, ensuring that regardless of the weather on the day of the wedding, your venue will be able to host a magnificent ceremony.

Additionally, the fresh country air and starlit sky provide the ideal backdrop for both exquisite outdoor and interior celebrations. Countryside wedding locations often do not have noise limits or require permits, allowing guests to enjoy fireworks, mingle around a firepit and enjoy live bands and music and dancing far into the evening.

Cooper's Ridge Event Venue

Cooper's Ridge Event Venue is located outside the city limits, roughly halfway between Kansas City and St. Louis and just 15 minutes from Columbia at Exit 111 in Boonville. Our rustic, contemporary event space is conveniently accessible and equipped with all the amenities necessary to make visitors comfortable.

Cooper's Ridge Event Venue includes private parking, handicap-accessible restrooms, WIFI, an oversized covered patio, and a climate-controlled, spacious indoor event facility with an open floor plan that comfortably seats up to 250 people.

We are proud to work with and support a number of local businesses and merchants to tailor the décor, food, and furnishings to your specific preferences. We are committed to assisting you in creating the event of your dreams and will be by your side throughout the planning phase and on the day of your event. To learn more about weddings at Cooper's Ridge, visit our website!